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Tricks to create and print Postnet font using Barcode Tool


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 TAGS:undefinedWatch this video to design Postnet linear barcode font

Postnet is a linear type text font symbology that stands for Postal Numeric Encoding Technique. These are basically used in postal departments. Such types of barcode labels encode data in the height of the bars. These can encode zip+4 codes, 5-digit zip codes and a full 11 delivery point codes. These barcode are made up of full and half bars, encodes modulo 10 check digits. Every bar describes either 0 or 1 (binary) value and five bars together form a single character. Barcode Generator program helps you to easily design and print Postnet linear font for your business in simplified manner.

 TAGS:undefinedDRPU Barcode Application makes and print bulk labels for multiple business goods in an automated manner. You can choose your style, text and font to create customized labels. Besides creation of barcode you can easily print them by using any type of printer. If you are thinking to create more than one barcode label just in one time then batch processing series feature is available that designs bulk labels. Some advance features are also available for users at the time of barcode creation these are as follows
Linear and 2D text font methodology support
Bulk barcode label printing in single time
Print preview facility before actual barcode printing
You do not need to have any specific technical assistance in creating barcode label
Print preview facility before actual label printing
Image drawing tools, compatibility with printers etc

Postnet linear text font creation by using Barcode Software

Firstly you need to install DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software on your computer system. There are available two modes for barcode label designing 1-Barcode Settings 2-Barcode Designing View. Here we will design Postnet linear text font by using Barcode Designing View mode

Barcode Designing View mode to create Postnet linear font
Go to this tab and insert barcode icon from tool bar. Click twice on the barcode icon to open the barcode properties. There is also available linear and 2d text font symbology to make labels. Choose Linear Barcode text font methodology and Postnet as font type. Here is option to add bar code value, header, footer etc. You can also adjust value, color, font, image, margins etc as per your barcode labeling need. Your barcode label is created. Now we will proceed to card properties.

 TAGS:undefinedCard Properties
Here you can easily specify card shapes, card name, card number, product number, height, width etc.

 TAGS:undefinedPrinting settings for created barcode labels
Connect your printer with your PC in which you have created label by using barcode maker tool. Now go to the print icon in the tool bar and click on it. A new window will appear with two printing modes these are Pre Define Label Stock and Manual. You can print labels by using any one the two modes and adjust printing settings according to you. Here we have used Manual mode.

Postnet linear font printing using Manual mode

 TAGS:undefinedPrinting of Postnet linear font by using thermal printer

 TAGS:undefinedScanning of Postnet linear font

 TAGS:undefinedSample of Postnet Barcode Fonts on label sheets


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