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Barcode Label Maker Software with its features and applications


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 TAGS:undefinedToday use of barcode labels has become common in most of the business fields. These are basically used to accurately manage data without getting any chances of error. Using labeling for multiple products systematically manage the data or information regarding to that product.
Barcode can be described as a sequence of horizontal and vertical lines that encodes data about product in secure manner. It basically represents data by varying or changing the widths and spacing of parallel lines. Barcode may be 1D and 2D types. You can easily design and print labels as per your business or industry need by using DRPU Barcode Software.
Barcode Label Maker Software enables you to create and print asset tags in an automated manner. You can generate bulk series of product labels by using batch processing series methods including sequential series, random and constant value etc. This application provides two types of barcode label designing mode for users these are Barcode Settings and Barcode Designing View. A predefined stock of labels is already defined for Linear and two dimensional text font methodologies.


In Barcode Settings mode you can generate labels in simplified way. Only choose you barcode symbology (Linear or 2D) and font type according to your business requirement and create label. You can add barcode value, header, footer, margins, color, image, font etc on created label.
In Barcode Designing View mode you can design label for your products by using some advance feature. Insert barcode label from tool bar and open its barcode properties by clicking twice on it. Choose barcode methodology (Linear or 2D) and font type and design label. You can also add header, footer, value, margins, size, font and color etc as per your need. You can also adjust cat shape, type, number, name, product number, height, width etc by using card properties feature. Your label is created and now prints it by using any type of printer. For printing two modes are here Pre Define Label Stock and Manual. You can select any one of them as per your convenience.

Barcode Label printing


Features of Barcode Label Maker Software

1-This application supports both linear and 2D text font methodology to design barcode label
2-It is compatible to work with all types of printers and offers advance printing settings by providing two modes a-Pre Define Label stock b-Manual
3- You can easily cut, copy and paste created barcode label on other Microsoft applications like MS-Word, MS-Paint, MS-Excel etc
4-There is print review option is available for you before printing barcode labels in real world
5-Image drawing tools like pencil, color, text, picture etc are available for users in Barcode Designing mode
6- You can design barcode labels in distinct types of card shapes by using card properties
7-You can print bulk series of barcode labels in an automated manner by using batch processing series methods
8-You can email created barcode label on any other specific email Id by using inbuilt email setting option
9-This software is very easy to operate for users at the time of barcode label creation for business
10- Label Designing Utility has capability to print more than one copies of same barcode label on single paper
11-You can add text, font, color, image etc on created barcode labels
12- It supports various image file formats including gif, jpeg, tiff etc. you can save generated label in your pc by using any one of them for future reference purposes.

Barcode Label on rolls


 Applications of Barcode Label Maker Software

1-Management of large stock of goods in systematic manner
2-Retail and packaging industries
3-Manufacturing and warehousing departments
4-Distribution and wholesale business
5- Post offices, banks, library and many more.

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